Notice to Student Clubs
  • We appreciate your patience as we naviage staffing shortages. Event approval may take longer than usual.
  • Student Clubs are now required to have an Event Coordinator at all times (in addition to the positions of President, Treasurer, and Advisor). Please update your ConnectSU club page to enter the name of the person holding this position.
  • Only the official Event Coordinator will be given access to the EMS Web App.
  • If you have questions about this policy, please contact the Center for Student Involvement
EMS Account Access
  • If you already have an EMS Web App account, please click the "My Home" tab to Sign In
  • If you do not have an account, please submit an Account Request Form
  • If you have any questions or comments about this system please contact
Video Tutorials

Things to Know Before Requesting a Major Space

Request Timelines and Policies
  • Event space bookings must be made more than 15 business days in advance
  • Any changes to your event location/date/time must be submitted 15 business days prior to your scheduled event
  • Access to your event spaces is granted approximately 60 minutes before and 30 minutes after your booking time
  • Tech arrangements must be finalized with your event coordinator 10 business days prior to your scheduled event
  • We encourage you to review a full list of our event policies here
Helpful Links For Planning Your Event
  • Catering: If your event will require catering, orders can be placed here
  • Parking: You can find information about guest parking here
  • Eventbrite: Advertising, ticketing, and attendee tracking can be supported through Eventbrite. To create an Eventbrite page, please fill out and submit this form
  • Reprographics: Information about print materials can be found here
  • Alcohol: Alcohol service at events may be subject to permitting requirements, which can take up to 60 days to acquire in certain cases. If you are planning to serve alcohol at your event, please review our full policy here
  • Event Spaces: You can find information and photos of on-campus event spaces here

Van Reservations

Van Requests
  • If you require access to an account for van rental purposes, please submit an Account Request 
  • Requirements for van rental privileges have more restrictions and are outlined on the DPS Website 
  • You cannot have a Web App account without a department invoice number for van rentals to be charged to