Virtual Event Requests
  • You can now request virtual events with Zoom Webinar through the EMS Web App! More information about Zoom Webinar can be found on our Virtual Events page.
Single Sign-On
  • The EMS Web App has been upgraded to single sign-on! Seattle University user credentials will now be used to sign into the Web App, and previous user credentials will be invalid.
Events through 6/01/2022
  • Due to the change of Fall Quarter 2020 dates, we are currently assessing the necessary changes to the University's essential events and how they may impact the current event schedule. Because of this, we are currently not allowing any further booking of events until we have a clearer idea of our campus' needs. We will make make an announcement in the weekly Campus Announcements when Fall Quarter event booking is available again. We also encourage you to sign up for our SU Event Planner Listserve to stay updated on the most recent event developments on campus. If you are interested in being added to the listserve, please email We thank you for your patience during this uncertain time.
Videoconferencing Capability
  • Conference rooms Casey 515 and 525 now have videoconferencing capability
  • Classrooms HUNT 100, HUNT 110, and HUNT 160 are also capable for videoconferencing
  • The EMS Web App is now located at the following new URL:
  • If you have the old URL bookmarked, please make sure to update your bookmark
Request a Major Event Space
  • You can now submit event requests for major event spaces through the EMS Web App!
Video Tutorials

Room Reservations

Room Requests
  • If you already have an EMS Web App account, please click the "My Home" tab to Sign In
  • If you do not have an account, please submit an Account Request Form
  • If you have any questions or comments about this system please contact

Van Reservations

Van Requests
  • If you require access to an account for van rental purposes, please submit an Account Request 
  • Requirements for van rental privileges have more restrictions and are outlined on the DPS Website 
  • You cannot have a Web App account without a department invoice number for van rentals to be charged to
  • The user guide for reserving vans can be found on the DPS Website